Charleston Wine & Food Festival

The Charleston Wine and Food Festival began in 2006 and PDA has been the Production Partner right from the start. The festival has grown over the years and PDA’s role has grown right along with it. This five-day festival celebrates local and national chefs, culinary critics, farmers, artists, and wineries. This festival is a great example of how PDA’s different divisions can satisfy the needs of a large festival. The footprint of the festival is located in a park in downtown Charleston. There are many tents and hundreds of exhibitors and vendors. During the day there are tastings, cooking demos, retail sales, live music and more. At night the tents do a change over to host parties, along with other events offsite. It’s a lot to keep up with but we are up to the task.

PDA handles all the lighting – from daytime illumination, nighttime party event lighting, lighting the park at night and sometimes lighting up buildings. We take care of the Audio – for the cooking demos, the bands, the parties. We handle the video – monitors located around the park, screens for cooking demos and parties, and occasionally, when needed, I-Mag. PDA’s Scenic department gets involved – we build custom walls and backdrops (last year we did a wall of vintage TVs), LED cocktail tables, custom signage, custom phone charging stations, props and more. PDA is a big part of the festival and we are proud to be a partner.