Events at the Citadel Military College

PDA was contacted by the Citadel Foundation to assist in planning and producing a gala event to celebrate the completion of the most ambitious fundraising effort in the college’s 175-year history. The six-year Foundation for Leadership campaign sought to raise $175 million. It ended up surpassing all expectations with a record-breaking total of $250,690, and the Citadel wanted to host a spectacular once in a lifetime Gala to celebrate this achievement.

The foundation planned a celebration of the campaign’s success for May 12, 2018 beneath a grand tent on Summerall Field, honoring the 20,784 contributing donors. The Foundation staff knew that PDA would bring their creativity and design expertise to the table. They began meeting with PDA almost a year in advance of the gala. The designers at PDA attended many planning sessions and many ideas were floated about – from a pyrotechnic show off the roof, to lasers and projections. The team finally settled on a spectacular visual display – PDA would up light the Barracks, place moving beam lights on the roof, video map the building and provide a massive streamer shot with the announcement. PDA also provided audio for the band, lighting for the dance floor, scenic elements throughout the event and made video content for the projections. There were many challenges during the week leading up to the show – from unpredictable weather conditions, intense heat, installing fixtures on the roof, to building custom scenic elements on-site, and other last minute changes. This particular event was a unique event for the Citadel Foundation, so PDA made it a priority to build trust by exceeding their expectations and executing a seamless show; which resulted in some very happy PDA clients.

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